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Lake Erie Chapter 28 is a member chapter of the The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, NAWCC.  Our chapter is comprised of members from  Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania who are committed to furthering the study of the science of Horology.

This is accomplished through our chapter meetings and marts and through our chapter's efforts to educate its members through classes and workshops.

Chapter 28 is eager to share its knowledge with the communities where member reside.  We open our regional and national exhibits to the general public to enjoy and learn about the displayed timepieces.  Chapter 28 also sponsors periodic clock and watch identification road show reviews where the general public can bring in their family timepieces in order to learn more about their treasures. 

If you are not a member, please consider joining us.  Please contact our Chapter Secretary at  You will share great times with fellow members and friends who share your passion of watch and clock collecting, repairing and trading.

If you need more information about the NAWCC in general, please visit the National's website link below.

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Chapter Events:

Our next meeting is on March 5 at the Strongsville Holiday Inn.  Click on the Chapter meetings button on the left for more details.


March 5, 2017 Chapter meeting in Strongsville

Can You Help?

In 1927, the Oliver Hazard Perry Elementary School was built.  In the hall of that school was a hall clock.  A man ( a current NAWCC member-Thomas Ruffing)  who went to that school said that a new school of the same name is being built. This man would like to know if anyone went to the school and if they may have any idea of what may have happened to that old clock.  His objective is to find that old clock and have it restored and have it installed in the hall of the new school.  If you have any ideas of its location or even a photo of the old clock, please contact:  Mary Louise Jesek Daley at 


FROM THE SECRETARY -     When the list of clock and/or watch repairmen was created, it was done so that anyone could find a repair person within their locale.  It was never a list of certified nor evaluated persons.  It was a list of members who volunteered their own name.  I have no way to prove or disapprove their quality of workmanship.  It is no surprise that someone on the list did not turn out to be of good quality.  In this case “buyer beware” is to be understood.  I, the secretary, in one year, have suggested names from the list more than  40+ times.  No one ever called me back to say whether the repair person was good or bad.  When I do get a call, I always inform the caller that I cannot guarantee the workmanship.   Please, in the future, if you do hand out the name and number of anyone on the list, tell the caller the same.  You can not guarantee the workmanship. 


           North Coast Regional Clock & Watch Show

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