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Meeting minutes for 2006

November, 2006

Our regular November 12, 2006 was held at the Four-Points Sheraton in Independence, Ohio with a fairly large crowd selling and buying during the Mart. Ballots were handed out to members so they could vote for the new officers and directors.    The silent auction also had many items to be sold.  Around noon, the buffet luncheon was served.  After which came the business meeting presided over by Dick Sims. 
Our meeting started off on a sad note.  A long time member - Ernie Martt had passed away.   
The votes were counted and the new officers are as follows:  Bev Stehlik president;  Tom Barrett, vice president;  Ginny Sims, secretary;  Jeff Ring, treasurer.  The directors are:  Phil Battista, Gene Fitch, Dwaine Gillard, and  David Martin. 
During the business meeting, it was decided to send $1000. to the National to be used for the Suitcase Course Workshop.    It was also announced that a field suitcase course #F104 - Introduction to Weight and Fusee Driven Clocks -will be held at the Lakeland Community College from January 9-12, 2007.  Contact Sandy McPherson at 440-535-7812 to register. 
On February 17, 2007, our chapter will hold its annual Clock Day( Mini Road show) at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Cleveland.  It will run from 10 AM - 4 PM. 
After the business meeting came the "Program of the Day" with Bev Stehlik giving a presentation and demonstration entitled "Painting a Reverse Glass for a Pillar and Scroll.  Bev showed us how to very carefully lay gold leaf and how to etch a design.  She also told us of the tools and supplies needed to do these jobs.  Many questions from the audience made this a very interesting program.  Very well done!! 
Our next regular meetings will be held at the Holiday Inn at Strongsville, Ohio.  It was published in the December issue of the Bulletin that it would be at the Lakeland College, but it has been since changed.  All regular meetings for 2007 will be held at the Holiday Inn.  The dates are:  Jan 14, May 20 (due to Mother's Day), July 8, Sept. 9, and Nov. 11-----------------Ginny Sims, secretary

September, 2006
Our regular September 10, 2006 meeting was held with Dick Sims presiding.

Frank Del Greco brought us up-to-date of the actions at the National.  Tom Borkowski told us of the progress being made for the upcoming 2007 Regional which will be held at the Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio.  This location was well received at the 2006 Regional, so we decided to use it again.

After the busy mart, with a silent auction, came the buffet luncheon and the program of the day.  The Program of the Day was entitled, "Tricks of the Trade"  This is where anyone can stand up and tell us of his or her homemade time saving devices.

George Papp told us of how to handle a "growling" electric clock motor and how broaches are used in plastic;  Everett Jones told us of how he uses parts of clothes pins to make wedges used in repair jobs  and how to refinish Black Marble;  Tom Barrett told us of how to handle several problems repairing wooden works clocks; and Stan Kaufman told us of the most valuable tool - Books - for research.  Stan had several examples to share.    A website was mentioned for helping find things for projects:  www. smallparts.com         To all who participated in this lively discussion, Thanks. 

Our next regular meeting will be on January 14, 2007 at the** Holiday Inn**  at Strongsville, Ohio not at Lakeland College as was published in the Bulletin in Nov.  This change was made after the Bulletin article was published.

July, 2006
No meeting held due to the National Convention in Cleveland.  Here is a short summary of Convention activities.

Our regular July meeting and Mart were cancelled because it was too close to the ending of the National Convention which Chapter #28 and Chapter #10 hosted. 
Putting on the National Convention takes a lot of time and effort.  The 2006 Convention was a success because we helped each other to get the work done on time.  It was observed that when one worker finished his or her job, they looked around to see if someone else needed help in completing their job.  That's called team work.  We have it and we used it efficiently at the National.    Many thanks to the workers: Dave and Louise Allen, Phil Batista, Tom and Linda Borkowski, Clyde and Betty Brown, David Martin, Frank and Jocelyn Gharky, Frank and Joanne Del Greco, Dwaine Gillard, Gene Fitch, Dan Galdun, Stan and Sue Kaufman, Lou Merkeys, Jeff Ring,  Gordon and Irene Sooy, Don and Bev Stehlik, Tom Barrett, John Vourliotis, and so many more. 
We were up at 6 AM  for a breakfast together and a small business meeting and then off we went to work.  By day's end we were all tired, but happy to have done our best for the Convention. 
The exhibit "Time in Travel" was well received.  The educational presentations had many attendees.  The Silent auction held several sessions with hundreds of items for sale.  The live auction was well attended and very robust.

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