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Meeting minutes for 2007

November, 2007

Our regular November Mart and meeting was attended by a larger crowd. The good weather attributed to this. 

During the Mart, a FREE table was open.  This idea is well received.  It shall be done again.  Also during the Mart, Tom Barrett gave a demonstration on "Introduction to Woodworks Clocks"  Tom's program showed us how to do basic maintenance to this type of clock. 

Following the Mart and luncheon came the regular meeting with Bev Stehlik presiding.  During the meeting, it was discussed and voted on to change the times of the activities during the Mart.  The changes are as follows:  (1)  end the silent auction at 11:00; (2) end the raffle and FREE table at 10:30; and (3) begin the program, during the Mart, at 9:30. 

During the meeting, Bev Stehlik, presiding, said that some members are abusing the "visitor" privilege by bringing visitors more than twice.  Tom Borkowski reminded us of the upcoming workshop course "Woodwork Clocks" which would be held in December.  Everett Jones told us of the upcoming Mini-Roadshow which will be held at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History on February 2, 2008, from 10 AM-4 PM.  Tom Borkowski made a suggestion to update our audio-visual system.  He suggested that:  we donate the older sound system to the National Museum; and, donate the document camera and a projector to Chapter # 10.  These three suggestions were brought to a vote.  It passed.  Bev Stehlik, president, acknowledged Dick Sims, for his years as president of Chapter # 28.  He was given a certificate and a gift.      

Following the regular meeting, came the Program of the Day.  Dick Sims gave a demonstration "Helpful Ideas for Handling Mistreated Movements".  During this program, Dick showed us how friction can be the enemy to all clocks and how it can be relieved or removed.  

Our next regular meeting will be May 18, 2008

Our Regional will be on March 7 & 8, 2008 at the Strongsville Holiday Inn.  See the December 2007 issue of the Mart Magazine for information.                       

-------Ginny Sims, secretary, Lake Erie Chapter #28 NAWCC


September, 2007

Our regular September 9, 2007 Mart and meeting was attended by a smaller crowd, but everyone had a good time.  During the Mart, David Martin gave his program, "Cleaning and Polishing Clock Cases." Many thanks to David for a good demonstration!

 Following the Mart and buffet luncheon came the regular business meeting with Bev Stehlik presiding.  It was announced that Frank Cook had died in August and Foster Campos, a self-employed clock maker and long time member of the NAWCC, had also passed away.  

It was suggested by John Vourliotis to have the Silent Auction end around 10:30 instead of the usual 11:30.  This idea was voted on and was passed. 

Tom Borkowski reminded us of the upcoming field suitcase workshops.  He said to contact Sandy McPherson at the Lakeland Community College.  

Bev Stehlik received a letter from the Willard Museum asking for a donation.  It was discussed and voted upon to send $500. 

Following the business meeting came the Program of the Day with Tom Barrett presenting "Introduction to Woodworks Clocks"  This program was enjoyed by all.   Thanks Tom!

Our next regular meeting is November 11, 2007.


July, 2007

Our regular July 15, 2007 meeting was attended by a slightly smaller number of table holders, but it was still a very busy morning.  During the morning Mart, Mark Baker, presented a program," Disassembling and Assembling of a Pocket Watch".   Mark always does a nice job in this presentation and he makes this job look so simple.  Many thanks to Mark!  

After the Mart, came the luncheon followed by our regular meeting with Bev Stehlik presiding.  During the meeting, Everett Jones told us of the successful Mini-Roadshows at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  There are plans to have another one in the near future.   Tom Borkowski told us of the upcoming Field Workshop courses that will be available. The  name and dates of the future courses will be announced soon.    Frank Del Greco told us of the exhibit at the NAWCC museum entitled "Presidential Timekeeping"   This one deals with the timekeepers at the home of President Garfield. 

After the business meeting, Tom Barrett, vice president, introduced David Martin who gave the Program of the Day, "Clock Case Cleaning"   David gave us a demonstration on how to clean cases.  He described the methods, cleaning solutions, and safety requirements for desired results.  David took several types of cases (wood, plastic, and marble) and showed us how they can be cleaned.  There were many questions and tidbits of information passed back and forth during the demonstration.    Good Work, David!!!!

Our next regular meeting will be September 9, 2007   --------Ginny Sims, secretary

May, 2007

Our regular May 20th meeting was well attended.  We had about 40 tables stacked with many interesting pieces and parts, books, and beautiful clocks and watches of all styles and ages.  Even the silent auction had a big variety of items.  Lots of late morning bidding went on before the time was called. 

We tried something new ,or should I say something that hasn't been done for many many years, during the Mart.  We had a program.  Tom Borkowski gave a presentation, "A Lathe Demonstration."  Tom used a Unimat 3 Lathe, a miniature lathe, to show how he makes clock bushings from a solid piece of brass.  Tom described the lathe, tools required, tool grinding and the operations required to make bushings.   Tom had quite an audience.   Many came away from the program very pleased with the idea of having a morning program.  We might do this again, soon. 
After the luncheon, came the regular business meeting.  Bev Stehlik presided.  During the meeting, it was decided to have the March Regional at the Holiday Inn at Strongsville.  There was some discussion before the vote was taken and passed.   Joan Barrett said that she wants to contact members who no longer come to the meetings to find out why and if they might be interested in coming back.  This idea met with much approval.    Following the business meeting, Tom Barrett, vice president, introduced Mark Baker and his -Program of the Day "Disassembling and Assembling of a Pocket Watch".   Mark used a 16-size Illinois Pocket Watch for his demonstration.  Mark carefully removed each gear and spring, told us of how to lubricate or grease each part and then put every piece back into its proper place.  This was a very intricate job made to look very simple!  Many thanks to Mark.  
Our next regular meeting will be on July 15, 2007.      -----------------Ginny Sims, secretary

January, 2007

Holiday Inn, Strongsville
Our regular meeting and mart of January 14, 2007 was well attended. There were about 35 items in the silent auction. After the buffet luncheon came the regular business meeting presided over by Bev Stehlik. 
Tom Borkowski told us of the finalizing of the plans for the March Regional and the Clock and Watch Show.  We will have the Regional on March 10 and have a Clock and Watch Show on March 11 which will be open to the public.  These will be held at the Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio. 
Everett Jones told us of the chapter's upcoming Mini Roadshow which will be held at the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland on February 17, 2007.  He said that there was a good turnout last year and is hoping for the same this year.
Frank Del Greco, National Board chairman, told us of the need for donations to replace aging equipment at the School of Horology.  It was discussed and  voted upon that we donate to the school.  The vote passed. 
Tom Barrett, vice president, introduced Joe Abrams with his program entitled,"Mechanical Clock Movements Used as Motors".  Joe had quite a display of mechanical devices that used small clock movement to operate them.  Among them were:  a toy wind-up washing machine which used a clock motor to run the agitator; a coffee bean roaster which used a motor to rotate the drum; a Hitchcock lamp which uses a clock works to run a fan to blow air up the wick of the lamp; a coal stove timer; a gas meter; and several other very unique items which kept the audience guessing!! 
Our next regular meeting will be May 20, 2007 ( due to Mother's Day)
----Ginny Sims, secretary

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