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Meeting minutes for 2008

November, 2008

Our regular November 16, 2008 meeting was  attended by many members.  This meeting was notable in that it was, to the day, Chapter #28's 50th anniversary.  A large display of memorabilia was set up in the Mart room for members to take a "trip down Memory lane".  Many were impressed by the pictures and text.  Many thanks to Louis Allen, Tom Borkowski, David Martin, and Ginny Sims for helping with this display. 
During the Mart, the election of officers was held.  the results were as follows:  President - Tom Barrett;  Vice President - David Lima;  Treasurer - Bryan Eyring;   Secretary - Ginny Sims;  Directors:  David Martin, Jeff Ring, Joel Surich, and Betty Brown.  Congratulations and Good Luck to all of them!! 
 After the luncheon, Bev Stehlik presided over the regular business meeting.  During the meeting:  Everett Jones announced that the sixth Annual Mini- Roadshow will be held at the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland on February 14, 2009 from 10am-4pm;  Frank Del Greco told us of the nominees for National Directors.  Frank gave us a small resume of each candidate and encouraged every member to vote;  Bev Stehlik told us that the plans for the 2009 Regional have been finalized.  Watch the Mart Magazine in January and March for schedules, registration forms, and costs.  
Our "Program of the Day" came after the meeting.  Tom Barrett gave a demonstration on "How to Install Glass Properly".  Tom explained and showed the audience how to remove old putty, how to dress the project, and how to replace the glass by using the proper kind of putty.  Tom, also,  told us that  the choice of glass for the project is very important and described the differences in the kinds of glass available.  It was a very informative program.    Many thanks to Tom!!
-----Ginny Sims, secretary

September, 2008

Our regular September 14, 2008 meeting was well attended.  There were quite a few Mart tables set up, but the silent auction had very few items for sale.  The morning program, "Stenciling with Gold Powders" by Bev Stehlik was well attended.  Bev does such a fine job with her projects and she makes them look so easy to do.

After the luncheon buffet, came the business meeting.  Bev Stehlik presided.  During the meeting, we learned that Doug Barr is recovering and so is Ginny Sims.  We also learned that Harold Hamilton has passed away.  He was a long time member of chapters 10 and 28.  He was a very dependable  watch repairman.  He spent his winters in Florida and summers in Norton, Ohio.  He will be missed.

During the meeting, questions were brought up as to whether experienced clock and watch makers and repairmen have to take the field suitcase courses in sequence or could they pick the one they want and sign up for it.  Tom Borkowski told us that it is set firm that the National requires anyone wanting to take the courses, must  take them in sequence.   

Also during the meeting, a discussion was heard about the possible "tailgate" sale during the May 2009 Regional .  This will be decided during the pre-Regional meeting in a few weeks. 

The Program of the Day came next.  Bryan Eyring presented "Early American Watch Makers".   His power- point presentation of the pictures and history of watches held our interest to the end.

*****Chapter #28 will be 50 years old. *****  On November 16, 1958, 17 ladies and gentlemen met at the Coach House in Strongsville, Ohio for their first meeting. 
At the November 16, 2008 meeting, there will be a display of notes and pictures documenting these 50 great years.  If you are an older member, look for yourself or one of your friend from those past days.  If you are a new member, see if this history will spur you to stay with this chapter for the next 50 years!   
Chapter #28 has a history of being a very friendly and hard working group of people.  Anyone who is a member of this great chapter should be proud of the accomplishments over the years.   

Next regular meeting will be November 16.  Election of officers and directors.

-----------Ginny Sims, secretary Lake Erie Chapter#28 NAWCC

July, 2008

Our regular July 13, 2008, meeting was smaller possibly due to folks on vacation.  Even with the small attendance, our silent auction had many items up for bid. 
The business meeting, presided over by Bev Stehlik, dealt  mostly with the 2009 Regional.  Many small  problems still have to be settled. 
Tom Borkowski told us of the upcoming suitcase courses.  They can be found at the www.nawcc.org on line or check the Mart Magazine or contact Tom for information.
The Program of the Day was presented by Bev Stehlik entitled "Stenciling with Gold Powders".  Bev told us how to prepare the surface of the project, whether it be glass or wood.  As she worked on a project, Bev passed around a variety of other projects to see the variety of styles and color usage.  This was a very unique program.   Many thanks to Bev.   
-----------Our next regular meeting will be September 14, 2008.  Election of officers will be at the November 9 meeting.
-----------Ginny Sims, secretary Lake Erie Chapter#28 NAWCC


May, 2008

Our regular May 18, 2008  meeting was attended by a slightly smaller crowd, but that didn't impede the buying or selling.  During the Mart, Tom Borkowski presented a program " How to Make a Medallion for an English Tall Case Clock".  This might seem like a simple project until you consider that Tom made it from a chunk of brass.   A very good program!
After the Mart, Silent Auction, and buffet luncheon came the business meeting with Bev Stehlik presiding. 
After a lively discussion, it was decided that the FREE- first table- will be reinstalled.  The second table will remain at $5. The door fee into the Mart will now be $7.  If you are attending the Mart and the luncheon, it will be $20.   We are hoping that these fees will be more acceptable to most attendees. 
A committee is to contact the National with a request to have our Regional 2009 date changed from March to the third weekend in May.  Pending this decision, a change of venue is also being considered. 
After the meeting, Tim Simonson presented the Program of the Day entitled, "Pocket Watch Dials"  With his slides and lecture, Tim showed us many beautiful examples of dials made by Elgin, Hamilton, Waltham, and others.  A very nice program.  Thanks Tim
Our next regular meeting is July 13, 2008----Ginny Sims, secretary  


January, 2008

Our January 20, 2008 meeting was attended by a smaller crowd. The weather was a big factor in this.      During the Mart, Dick Sims presented a program "Friction - The Culprit".  He stressed the necessity of proper cleaning of each item in a clock in order to reduce friction. Many questions were answered during this demonstration. 
After the luncheon, Bev Stehlik presided over the business meeting.  Frank Del Greco told us of the Ethics Committee review of Chapter #185 and of other National-level business.  Frank also told us that he, Tom Borkowski, and Everett Jones had been asked to fix the tower clock in the Portage County Historical Society building.  It didn't take long for them to have it up and running. 
Following the business meeting, Lehr Dircks presented a slide program "Elgin Wristwatches"  Lehr walked us through the history of the elegant Elgins.  This was a very informative program and enjoyed by all. 

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