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Meeting minutes for 2009

November, 2009

Our November 8, 2009 meeting of Chapter 28 was attended by a nice sized crowd.  During the Mart, Mark Baker did a  presentation entitled,  “The Orrery—A Clockwork Model of the Solar System”. His presentation was  accompanied by audio-visual material.   
The business meeting chaired by Tom Barrett, President.  During the meeting, it was announced: that Jim Waldren and Fred Burgess had passed away;  Everett Jones told us that the Mini- Roadshow will be held on February 13, 2010 at the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland;  Frank Del Greco told us of some of the activities at the National.  Frank, chapter librarian, has a complete set of Bulletins dated from 1943 that is to be sold.  A motion was proposed and passed that he and Bryan Eyring will be responsible for that sale.  Tom Barrett brought us up-to-date about our tax status, which is up for renewal this year.  
Following the meeting, Dave Lima presented our "Panel of Experts (Tom Barrett, Tom Borkowski, Frank Del Greco, Everett Jones, and Stan Kaufman)".  The panel explained how to set a moon dial, solder hinges on a clock bezel, make pillar and scroll clocks, how to make reproductions of a tower clock, etc.  During the demonstrations, the audience asked many questions.  This was a very informative and interesting program. 
------Ginny Sims, Secretary


September, 2009

Our regular meeting was held on September 13, 2009.  We had a few more attendees than in July.  Good to see them back.   During the Mart, Lehr Dircks gave a talk and slide presentation on "Military Time Piece". These pieces covered the years from WWI to the 1960's.  
After the Mart and the fine luncheon came the business meeting presided over by Vice President, Dave Lima.  During the meeting, there was a short discussion about what happens to a chapter that "dissolves" or stops meeting.  During the meeting, Tom Barrett announced that the display for 2010 will be "North East Ohio Clocks".   He would like a few items to display.  Also during the meeting, an announcment was made that the 2010 Northcoast Regional will be held from May 20-22 at the Lakeland College in Kirtland, Ohio. 
 After the meeting, Mark Baker presented  a program entitled "The Orrery---A Clockwork Model for the Solar System".  Through demonstrations of the solar system and visual aides, Mark brought us through some of the history of timekeeping as related to  planetary motion.  Very interesting subject.---Ginny Sims, secretary

July, 2009

Our regular July 12, 2009, met with a slightly smaller attendance. This should improve once the vacations are over.  There was a nice variety of items for the silent auction. 
During the Mart, Ed Thouvenin presented a program "Collecting Dueber-Hampden Watch Parts" He  described his acquisition of the last known supply of original Dueber-Hampden watch parts left in the United States in the 1930's.   Ed acquired the entire lot last year.  He discussed his find and brought some sample drawers of this horological treasure.    It was a very interesting program.    **Since he is disabled and no longer able to work on watches, he would like to communicate with fellow NAWCC collectors about his collection and share information that has just come to the surface.
After the Mart and luncheon buffet, came the business meeting presided over by Dave Lima, vice president.  During the meeting, a short discussion was held concerning the 2009 Regional. 
Then came the Program of the Day with Lehr Dircks' presentation entitiled "Military Timepieces".  Lehr had an excellent slide-show and display of a wide variety of watches made by Hamilton, Elgin, Walthum, Omega, and others that were made for military use.   He told us of the Germans using wrist watches during WWI.  There was a question and answer session following his presentation.  Many thanks to a Lehr. --------Ginny Sims, secretary

North Coast Regional - May 2009

Chapters 28 and 10 just presented their 2009 North Coast Regional together.  It was held at the Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio from May 14-16.  It was quite a difference to have the Regional in May rather than March.  In 2008, we suffered  poor attendance due to the very bad weather.    The weather really cooperated this year.  
We had 2 new programs with this Regional.  One, was the Tailgate Event.  It was a success.  The other program was to have a non-horological room set up.  This was for those folks who have collections (glassware, dolls, handicrafts, jewelry, etc) which were not to be sold on the Mart tables.  This was for the wives who come to the Mart, but get bored or tired of timepieces!!  This was well received.  It will be decided at a later date as to whether or not either of these programs will be continued at the 2010 Regional. 
The Breakfast Buffet had a good attendance.  Many folks enjoyed the good food, good friendship, and the many door prizes!  Tom McIntyre, director from the National was our special guest speaker at the Breakfast Buffet.  Everyone left with a big smile on their face. 
The educational programs were:  The exhibit was of Chauncey Jerome clocks.  Chris Bailey,noted author, gave a walking/talking tour of the exhibit;   Dave Lima presented a workshop on column gilding;  Tom Barrett demonstrated the proper way to install glass in an early clock door with special putty;  Tom Borkowski and Everett Jones presented a workshop on“How to Repair Your Own Clock” 
We also had a live auction for the first time in several years.  We had 66 very nice items for sale.  The audience was smaller than hoped, but many of those who went, said that it was a good auction.
The Regional budget has not been balanced as yet, but the 2009 Mart and programs were very good.
The officers and directors of Chapters #28 and #10 wish to thank all of the workers who helped to put on a GREAT Regional.   Without your hard work, it would have been just "another" Regional.   Your help made it special. 
Our next regular meeting will be July 12, 2009 at the Holiday Inn in Strongsville, Ohio. 

-------------------Ginny Sims, secretary Chapter 28 NAWCC

March, 2009

Our regular meeting of March 15, 2009 was attended by a sizeable number of members.  During the Mart, members were encouraged to sign the volunteer sheets for the upcoming Regional. 
After the Mart and luncheon came the regular business meeting with Tom Barrett presiding.  We were informed that Louise Allen was on the sick list and the Paul Oravitz had passed away. 
Everett Jones told us of the successful Mini-Roadshow that had been held on February 14.  He said that about 80-90 timepieces had been brought in for evaluation.  This kept our crew very busy. All in all, it was a great success and plans are being made to hold another roadshow in the future. 
Tom Barrett, chairman of the exhibit for the Regional, said that he needs more example of timepieces.  The title of the exhibit is "Chancey Jerome".  Chris Bailey will give a presentation on Friday about Chancey Jerome and have a "walking tour" immediately afterwards. 
Tom Borkowski reminded us of the 2 suitcase workshops during the week of the Regional.  Interested members are to contact Pam Tichler (FSWProgram@verizon.net) for information.
The Program of the Day came after the business meeting.    "Collecting Dueber-Hampden Watch Parts"  by Ed Thouvenin from Canton, Ohio.  He  described his acquisition of the last known supply of original Dueber-Hampden watch parts.   Ed acquired the entire lot last year.  He discussed his find and brought some sample drawers of this horological treasure.    It was a very interesting program. 
-------------------Ginny Sims, secretary Chapter 28 NAWCC

January, 2009

Our regular January 18, 2009 meeting was attended by a slightly smaller crowd than usual due to the very bad weather.  Even with that, we saw a few new members. 

 The program during the Mart, “Proper Installation of Glass into a Clock Case”  was presented by Tom Barrett.  Tom showed us the proper procedures for installing glass.  He demonstrated his style with ease.  He answered questions from the audience as he went along. 


Tom Barrett presided over the business meeting which was held after the luncheon.  During the meeting, we were reminded of the upcoming Mini-Roadshow which will be held on February 14 at the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland.  Last year there were over 100 attendees.  Also during the meeting, we were informed that the plans for the 2009 Regional are completed and that information and forms will be available in the February issue of the Mart Magazine. 


After the luncheon, came the Program of the Day--“Pocket Watch Case Engraving” by Don Mathis.  27 years of practicing his craft has made Don a master engraver.  Don demonstrated his skills at preserving and restoring watch cases.  No one slept through this very good program. 


NOTE:   A member does not have to buy the luncheon to attend the business meeting.  


---Ginny Sims, secretary

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