Meeting minutes for 2011


January, 2011

Our regular meeting was held on the very snowy day of January 9, 2011.  A smaller but eager number attendees braved the weather to check out the tables and silent auction items.   

After the Mart, the business meeting was held with Dave Lima presiding.  During the meeting it was announced that:  the chapter  by-laws are presently being rewritten to reflect how we operate.  We will go over them at a later date;  We were reminded of the ballots in the February issue of the Bulletin for National elections and the  changes proposed in the National by-laws;  With the roadshow coming up on February 5, a request for volunteers was made;  there was a short talk about the May Regional.  A cheerful congratulations went to Everett and Joyce Jones on their 60th anniversary. 

The luncheon followed the meeting and the "Program of the Day" came after the meal.  The program was a DVD showing the care and upkeep  of an Atmos clock.  This had been taped at the 2003 National convention. 

March, 2011
Our regular March 14, 2011 meeting was held with a good crowd of eager buyers and sellers attending.  During the business meeting, the late Bill Mathers was remembered as a loyal,very generous, and fun-loving member of NAWCC.  He will be missed by many.  Also during the meeting, Everett Jones reported that the annual Mini-Roadshow, which was held on February 5, was a big success.  Over 100 timepieces were evaluated by chapter members.  Letters of thanks came from several local libraries for the donation of the Bulletin.  During the meeting, it was brought to our attention that our chapter by-laws need updated.  A committee has been chosen and is in the process of working on them.  We were reminded to send in our National election slips from the Bulletin.  Congratulations went to Clyde Brown, Gordon Sooy, and Harold McMahon for receiving  a 40-year membership pin!!!  The Regional will be held on  Friday, May 20 and Saturday the 21st.  The 21st will also be a Public Day.  It is hope that the public will come and enjoy our exhibit and sale items. ****** Members are reminded to bring a wrapped gift for the banquet. 
Following the busy business meeting came the Program of the Day:  a DVD entitled,  "Willard Eight-Day Clocks:  Harbinger of the Age of Manufacturing"  by Robert Cheney.  This presentation was  originally given at the 2008 New England Chapter 8 Educational Symposium at the National Heritage Museum in Lexington Massachusetts.  This program contained many colorful pictures of the various clocks.  Very educational and interesting for all.

Ginny Sims, Secretary

July, 2011

Our regular July 10 meeting was held with a smaller number of attendees.  The business meeting followed the luncheon.  Dave Lima presided over the meeting.  It was announced that the 2011 Regional had done well and the tableholders were happy with the results.     Tom Barrett, Regional Chairman, thanked Dick and Judy Muny for their financial help in printed advertising  of the Regional.  Dave Lima thanked Kristi Ward for her help in contacting local newspapers and other news media concerning the Regional.  President Dave Lima also thanked everyone who helped with the Regional.           The secretary gave a report on the voting results concerning the by-law updating.  Of 112 responses, either by e-mail or "snail" mail, 108 voted Yes with 2 voting No and 2 abstaining.  The result was 96% voted in favor of the updates. 
Following the business meeting came the Program of the Day with Andrew Dervan's presentation, "A Talk About the Waltham Watches and Clocks".  Andrew had many colorful pictures of the various timepieces to help coordinate his program.  A very interesting program which was enjoyed by all.   
------Ginny Sims, secretary

September, 2011

Our regular September,2011 meeting met with a nice number of members in attendance.  There was a good variety of items for the rather small silent auction. 

The Council of Nine met during the Mart to discuss the rising cost of the meetings.  It was decided to raise the admission prices at the door as follows:  The Mart Only will go from $7 to $10.  The Lunch and Mart admission will go from $20 to $25 each.  The price of the table rental will remain the same at Free for the first table and $5 per each additional tables. 


The regular business meeting followed the Mart with Dave Lima presiding.  Everett Jones announced that the 8th Annual Mini Roadshow will be held on February 18, 2012.    Dave Lima told us that the National membership is still falling.  There are around 17,700 members now.  The results of the meeting of the Council of Nine were announced.  After a short discussion, most were in favor of it.    Dave also told us of an “Unsung Hero” in our chapter, namely Ginny Sims, who has been secretary for 13 years and thanked her for her hard work. 


The program of the Day followed the business meeting.  It was a DVD entitled, “Rolex Watches” by Ken Sprecht.  It was recorded at the 2001 Lexington Kentucky Seminar.  It was a very interesting program. 


------Ginny Sims, secretary

November, 2011


Our regular November 13, 2011 meeting met with a large crowd of members in attendance.  There was a good variety of items in silent auction. 


The regular business meeting followed the Mart, with Dave Lima presiding.  There was no “Old Business” to report.  Under” New Business”, Tom Barrett, Regional Chairman, announced that a pre-Regional meeting is being planned for January.  He also said that we need help and member input at the Regional.  Tom also said that the Vender/Tableholders Dinner did encourage vendors to stay over for the Public Day on Saturday.  He thinks the dinner was a good idea.  It was announced that Gwen Mayor of the Hudson Library is going to prepare an exhibition on time and has asked Chapter 28 to help supply materials.  The date for the exhibit has not been set.   Dave Lima announced the Unsung Heroes for this meeting.  They are our own Louise and Dave Allen for their help through the years at the meetings, Regionals, and other events.  They help to pull the volunteers together for the Regional so that it works smoothly.  Louise has also been our “Sunshine Lady” for many years.   Many thanks to them both.

The Program of the Day was a DVD entitled, -“The Craftsmanship and Engineering of the Salem Bridge Clock” by Dr.Joseph Arvay.  The program contained many pictures of the expertise used in designing the end product. 


----Ginny Sims, secretary


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