Meeting minutes for 2012

January, 2012

The regular business meeting followed a well attended Mart. Dave Lima presided over the meeting. It was announced that Oley Wimer, a long time member had passed away on Friday, January 6.  Tom Barrett, Regional chairman, told us that a Regional Pre-Planning meeting is to be held on January 22 at Mentor from 1:30-4:00 with a pot luck supper planned after the meeting.  Everett Jones reminded us of the Clock Day being planned at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History on February 18 from 10-4.  Our ”Unsung Hero” for this meeting is Tom and Linda Borkowski. They have helped, for many years, with the local, Regional and National meetings.

A DVD entitled ”Clockworks Movement Toys” by Judy Emerson, a curator at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New Y

March, 2012

President Dave Lima called the meeting to order. Tom Barrett, Regional Chairman, said that all plans for the upcoming Regional are on track. Tom also is donating a book,”American Woodworks Tall Clocks” to the chapter library. Everett Jones told us of the great success of the Annual Clock Day which had been held on February 18th at the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland. He said that over 250 attended. A news article about the event was printed on the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Everett thanked all who were involved in making this the ”best ever”. With elections coming up in November for the chapter, the Nominating Committee was called into service. Tom Borkowski announced that he has 3 DVD dealing with Ohio Clocks that are going into the chapter library. Our ’Unsung Hero of the Day’ is Frank Del Greco for his timeless work as the chapter librarian and at the National level as an officer.

The Program of the Day was a DVD ”Designs of Tall Case Clock Dials” by Kathi Edwards. This had been recorded at the 2007 National Convention at Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Upcoming Events:
May 18-19, North Coast Regional hosted by Lake Erie Chapter 28 and co-hosted by Ohio Valley Chapter 10

Sunshine Report

Roger Avery - passed away

Clyde Brown – a long time member has passed away


July, 2012

Our regular business meeting followed a very crowded and busy Mart. 
SUNSHINE REPORT - George Slifko and Dale Alloway have passed away.
OLD BUSINESS-- It was announced that the 2012 North Coast Regional was a success.  Public Day had a nice crowd with many of the table holders remaining. ***      Everett Jones announced that the annual "Clock Day was also a big success with over 200 members of the public attending. A tentative date of February 23, 2013 has been set for next year's event.     

NEW BUSINESS--  The Nominating Committee is asking for names for the upcoming chapter election.  If you have a suggestion, give the name to Tom Barrett. 

OUR UNSUNG HEROES OF THE DAY-- are Irene and Gordon Sooy for their many hours spent in setting up and running the registration at the Regional.  They have done this job for many years. 

PROGRAM:  Frank Del Greco presented a power point program of " The Installion of an Auto-Rewind System in the Federated Church Tower in Chagrin Falls, Ohio".  It was interesting to see all of the work Frank has put into this project.

September, 2012

The Mart was busy and loaded with clocks and watches and many friendly members.  Our regular September 9 meeting came to order with Dave Lima presiding. 
OLD Business-We were reminded of the November chapter elections.  If you or anyone would like to run, contact Tom Barrett.  
NEW BUSINESS- It was decided that the format for next year's Regional will be as it was this year.  --A Regional planning meeting will be scheduled for December. --The chapter will be storing its library at the Holiday Inn between meetings. --At the next meeting it will be decided if a donation will be made to the National.
PROGRAM OF THE DAY - DVD -  “Clock Dials of Trumbull County” by Chris Klingemeir which was recorded at the Time Symposium in Kentucky in 2011.

November 2012

Our regular November 11,2012, meeting followed a very busy Mart and a tasty brunch.  President Dave Lima told us that the election of chapter officers was held during the Mart. The results were as follows:  President – Bryan Eyring;  Vice President – Brian Pizor;  Treasurer – Ralph Zarnick;  Secretary – Ginny Sims; Directors – Bill Budusky, Enrico Caruso, Dwaine Gillard, and Dick Sims.  Dave also announced that the Regional format will remain the same  as it was last year.  A pre-Regional meeting is set for December.  Dave told us that the chapter library will be stored at the Holiday Inn between meetings.  Frank Del Greco announced that the chapter is considering donating money to the National. He was asked if he knows of any special needs for a donation.  He will check into it and report at the next meeting.  After the business meeting, Lee Horrisburger gave an interesting discussion, with pictures, of the Deuber-Hampden Watch Company of Dayton, Ohio.


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