Meeting minutes for 2013

January 2013

Our regular meeting followed a very busy Mart and a tasty brunch.  President Bryan Eyring called the meeting to order.  The report of the Regional Planning Committee was made.  Dave Lima, Regional Chairman reported that all is set for the upcoming May 17-18 Regional at Lakeland Community College.  The exhibit will be “Patti Clocks”.  Mr. Briggs, who is very knowledgeable in Patti Clocks will give a walking tour of the exhibit.  Dave Lima also informed us that the exhibit and programs will all be held in the second (smaller) gym at the college.  John Vourliotis told us of the new Silent Auction and FREE table during the Regional.  Dave Allen still needs volunteers to sign up to help on both days of the Regional.  If you want to help and have a few hours to  donate, please contact Dave at 216-234-9359 or sign up at the March meeting.  We were reminded of the February 23 Annual Clock Day which will be held at the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland.  Frank Del Greco told us that the National will be holding their elections.  He gave us the names and a brief summary about each candidate.  He encouraged us to send our vote in as soon as we have received the ballot.  National elections close on April 1.  After the meeting came the "Program of the Day" with a recorded presentation of a lecture from a  NAWCC symposium entitled  "The Inventive Mind" by Dr. David Collard.

March 2013

Meeting:  - March 17, 2013  A very large crowd of members turned out.  The silent auction was full and the buying and selling was at a flurry.  During the business meeting, the change of venue was discussed about our regular Clock Day which has been held in Cleveland's Museum of Natural History in the month of February.  It was suggested that we move the location and possibly have it more than once a year.  It will be discussed further at a later date.  It was also suggested that one possible way to encourage new and younger folks to join is to offer a badge of horology to the Boy Scouts.  This will also be discussed at a later date.
Tom Barrett, Regional Chairman, said that the upcoming regional is on track and that all is ready.
Program of the Day- Tom Huber gave a very interesting program entitled " Railroad Watches".  He gave us a good history lesson on the "hows" and "whys" railroad watches became so important.  He also had a small display from his collection.

July 2013

Our regular meeting followed a fairly busy Mart and Brunch.  President Bryan Eyring called the meeting to order.  It was reported by Stan Kaufman that the 2013 Regional came off “without a hitch”, due to the well-seasoned chair people. The Regional was not all that we had hoped for because of the close dates of the National Convention in Dayton and the Southern Ohio Regional which was held in Wilmington, Ohio this year. The Chapter 28 Regional is scheduled for May 16 and 17, 2014.    Frank DelGreco told us of the National Convention which was held at Dayton, Ohio.  Next year it will be at Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 Many thanks go to Kristi Ward for her coordinating the public promotions for us.  She used the printed media, e-mail, you-tube, radio and TV to make the announcements of our Regional.   Bryan thanked all who helped.    A lively discussion was held concerning the possibility of having 2 “Clock Days” a year.  One will be held in Cleveland and the other will be somewhere else.  No final decisions have been made.    

Frank Del Greco announced Ken Hassink will receive the Golden Circle Pin for his 50 year membership in the NAWCC.   Congratulations to Ken!!   A generous and much appreciated donation was made to the chapter from Martin Pope in the memory of Everett Jones.  Many thanks to Martin!  

Following the business meeting, Mark Baker gave a presentation on "C.H. Strieby Tall Case Clocks".  He told us that many of Strieby’s clocks had very decorative numbers and letters.  Mark had slides to accompany his program.  A very interesting program. 


Thanks Mark!


September 2013

Our regular meeting followed a fairly busy Mart and delicious Brunch.  President Bryan Eyring called the meeting to order.  Dave Lima informed us that the Pre-2014 Regional planning meeting will be held on December 15, 2013 at the Kirtland Community center from 1-4PM.  There will be a potluck dinner at this time.


 A discussion about the possibility of a second “Clock Day” was held.  A possible change of venue might be to Akron.  A motion was made and seconded to create a committee to check into this. A report will be given on this in January, if possible.


Frank Del Greco announced that the National is making their annual appeal for money.    He also told us of the November 7-9 Ward Francilon Symposium which will be held at California Institute of Technology at Pasadena.  The theme will be

“TIME FOR EVERYONE: THE ORIGINS, EVOLUTION, AND FUTURE OF PUBLIC TIME”.  Frank also told us that the National Museum is planning a special exhibit “The History and Development of Mystery Clocks”.  National is looking to borrow timepieces from any member, who might be interested, for the display. 


After the meeting came the Program of the Day with Dick Sims presenting, “Something about Pendulums”.   Dick used a simple physics lesson about gravity and showed its relationship to the length and movement of a pendulum. 


November 2013

Bryan Eyring, president, called the meeting of November 10, 2013 to order.  Brought up from the last meeting, the question of a possible second "Clock Day" was again discussed. A report of a possible change of venue will be given in January.    Bryan also told us that he is trying to apply for grants for our chapter.    It was announced that the Suburban Clock Shop in Berea, Ohio, will hold a Musical Clockwork Promenade on November 22-23.  Everyone is invited to this happy time of fun, food and music.     A pre-2014 Regional meeting will be held in Kirtland on December 15.  Dave Lima, Regional Chairman, will be sending out information about the meeting.
We are sad to hear that we lost another long time and beloved member -  Robert (Bob) Winslow. 
Following the meeting, Don Barrett presented a program, " Wild Watches That I Have Known and Loved."  Don showed us many unusual samples of pocket watches.  We saw many with beautiful cases or fancy etching.  This was a very educational and sometimes humorous program.


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