Meeting minutes for 2014

January 2014

The meeting was held after the Mart and Brunch with Bryan Eyring presiding.

  - Bryan Eyring and Dave Lima reported on the Pre- Regional Meeting that was held at Kirtland on December 15th.   Attendance was moderately low due to poor weather.


  - It was announced that the tables will be 8 feet long this year instead of 6 feet.  

  - Discussion followed about having Kristi Ward handle the marketing to the public for our Regional and possibly, the “Clock Day”.   A vote was taken and approved.

  - It was recommended that Kristi Ward could promote these events by the use of a “Save a Date” post card.  It would be handed out at the “Clock Day” event and to members to place into the hands of the public.  A vote was taken and approved. 

  - At the Regional this year, we will continue to use the large gym and cost will be reduced from last year since we will not be using the smaller gym for presentations.

  - Brian Pizor announced that he has had no information on securing the McKinley Museum for a possible site for a second "Clock Day".


 February 22nd will be our annual “Clock Day” with the clock and watch appraisal program at the Natural History Museum, set up will be at 9:00AM. 


After the meeting, Frank Del Greco gave an excellent presentation on “The Restoration of the Clock Tower on the “Our Lady of Lourdes Church” on East 53rd and Broadway in Cleveland, Ohio. ------Ginny Sims, secretary 

March 2014

A very busy Mart and Silent Auction was followed by a business meeting presided over by Bryan Eyring.  During the meeting, a short discussion about room costs   was held.  Bryan also stated that the February “Clock Day” was a great success due to the very good advertising by Kristi Ward.  She is also to do all of the advertising for the upcoming Regional.  Dave Lima reported that the Regional is all set and ready to go.  All committees are set and notices are being sent out.  Following the meeting, Bryan Eyring gave a presentation on “Exotic Watches”.  He had many unique and rare American watches. Willard, Waltham, Elgin were only a few of the names mentioned during Bryan’s presentation.  Bryan had a large selection of watches to show to the audience.  Very good program!  Thanks, Bryan.

July 2014

The meeting was held, after the Mart and Brunch, with Bryan Eyring presiding.


Bryan Eyring stated that Chapter 28’s Public Day was one of the largest.  Much of the public response was due to the remarkable effort of Kristi Ward.  Her handling of the marketing, of our chapter Regional, to the public was sincerely appreciated.  Many Thanks to Kristi!!


Brian Pizor announced that he has had no information on securing a venue for the second Clock Day. 


Bill Budusky and Brian Pizor are a 2-man committee looking to find a new venue for our meetings.  Holiday Inn is becoming a financial burden.  If any member knows of a fire hall, school gym, or other public meeting area that might fulfill our needs, please contact any officer.


Following the business meeting, a DVD entitled “Clocks of Old Japan” was shown.  It covered some of the history of the rare and authentic Japanese time pieces prior to the adaption to Western timekeeping.  We even learned a few Japanese words in the viewing!



September 2014

The September 14, 2014 meeting with President Bryan Eyring was called to order.   The question of a possible change of location for our regular meetings was discussed.  Several site were mentioned, but no decisions were made.   

Dave Lima, Regional Chairman, reported that a Pre- 2015 Regional meeting will be held in December.  He will be sending out information about the meeting, to committee members, in a few weeks.

During the meeting, John and Maria Scott were introduced.  They are NAWCC members from Australia.  They have been in the area before, but not to a meeting.  They liked the idea of the Breakfast Brunch.   They told us of many similarities between our chapters.  They answered many of the members’ questions.  We all enjoyed their visit.     


After the Brunch and short business meeting, came the Program of the Day, ”What I Learned in NAWCC Class” with Doug Rinearson telling us about his experiences while attending an NAWCC class.  His course of choice was” Introduction to Clocks”.  He gave us a brief outline of what the course covered and some of the tools he used.  Many thanks to Doug.



November 2014

The November 9, 2014, meeting was called to order by Bryan Eyring, president.  During the meeting, a discussion about the change of venue for the meetings was held.  Nothing was resolved.  A committee was appointed to handle this search.       Bryan Eyring told us that there will be a Pre-2015 Regional meeting for committee members and chairpersons on December 13 at 1 pm at his home.  A potluck dinner will follow.     The election of officers and directors has been postponed until January due to the fact that there are few candidates listed.  It was announced that the Annual Clock Day at the Museum of Natural History will be held in February, 2015, but the exact date has not been set yet.       Following the meeting, Bryan Eyring gave a program entitled, “Pocket Watch Prototypes:  The Apex in American Pocket Ingenuity”.    Bryan’s collection of such items made his program interesting and very informative.  Many thanks to Bryan. 


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