Meeting minutes for 2016
January 2016

January 10, 2016, meeting was only a Mart and Silent Auction.  Due to miscommunications, the rest of the meeting and program were not held. 
We did have a good turn out regardless. 

 March 2016

The March 20, 2016 meeting was held with Brian Pizor presiding.   In September or October 2016, the Twinsburg Historical Society is planning on having another Clock Day.  The exact date will be announced later.  Chapter 10 will meet at Fairlawn on 4/5/2016.   The  2016 Regional exhibit will be “Banjo Clocks”.  Stan Kaufman is asking for samples to use in the display.  If you can help, contact Stan.  The secretary received a letter from a man is looking for the hall clock that stood in the Oliver Hazard Perry School from 1927-1986 when the school was torn down.  The school is being rebuilt and this man is searching for the clock so that it might again grace the halls of the new Oliver Hazard Perry School.  If anyone has any information about this clock, please contact Mary Daley at grace the halls of the new Oliver Hazard Perry School.  If anyone has any information about this clock, please contact Mary Daley at      It was announced that the Regional on May 20-21 at the Lakeland Community College is ready to go. 

It was also announced in the Sunshine Report that Egon Vicai and Tom LaRose – longtime members and good friends have past away.   

 The program of the Day was a DVD narrated by Julia Mueller entitled “Character Watches”  She had presented the program at the Symposium in Kentucky in 2001.

Our next regular meeting will be on July 10, 2016.

July 2016

The July 11, 2016 meeting was held with Jeff Ring running an impromptu meeting.  There was no Old Business.  New Business dealt with the fact that the 2016 Regional was not as good has hoped.  We lost $250+.  A lengthy discussion was held, but no decisions were made. The Program of the Day was a DVD presentation of “The American Clock and Watch Museum in Bristol, Connecticut”.        ---Ginny

September 2016

Brian Pizor, president, called the meeting to order, after a well-attended Mart.  New Business:  Stan Kaufman will oversee the “Clock Day “event at the Twinsburg Historical Society on November 20.  He could use a few volunteers; Jeff Ring announced that the Solon Historical Society would like to sponsor a “Clock Day” possibly in January, 2017;    Frank Del Greco announced that we need a new laptop computer for the website.  A team of 3 men were chosen to search for and possibly purchase a good computer and report back at the next meeting;    We were informed that the National NAWCC is still having a book sale on eBay;    John Vourliotis reminded us that during our November 13 meeting that Chapter 28 will hold an election.  We need nominees for directors and a vice president.  Send all nominations to the secretary by November 1 so that ballots can be printed; REGIONAL- a discussion was held has to what we need to do to cut expenses during the Regional.  Some suggestions were made, but nothing was finalized.   PROGRAM OF THE DAY- After the meeting, Ralph Zarnick, vice president, introduced Frank Del Greco who presented a power point program entitled, “Ansonia Street Clock Project”.  Frank has taken on a repair project of an 18 foot tall, 3000 pound Ansonia street clock.  There are only 3 of them left in existence.  Once repaired, it will stand in the rotunda at the NAWCC museum.  A very informative and interesting program.

November 2016

The November 13, 2016 meeting was well attended by buyers and sellers.  During the Mart, the Chapter 28 had an election of officers.  The congratulations go to:  Ralph Zarnick, president;  Doug Rinearson, vice president;  Ginny Sims, secretary;  Jeff Ring, treasurer; and 2 new directors:  Christopher Giegerich and Dennis Potter.  After the mart and Breakfast Brunch came the meeting with Brian Pizor presiding.  Brian announced that there will be a pre-2017 Regional meeting on December 11 at 2 pm.  The location has not been finalized.   Committee members will be notified.    Stan Kaufman will chair the Twinsburg “Clock Day” on November 20 from 12-4.  Jeff Ring told us that the Solon “Clock Day” will be held on January 15.  All plans are not finalized.  Brian Pizor announced that the regular meeting date in March has been changed to the 5th.  The Program of the Day involved 2 DVDs.  The first was “Character Watches- Mickey Mouse Watches” narrated by Doug Cowan at a seminar in Kentucky in 2011.  The other DVD was about the history of the clock tower that stand at the Lakeland College.  It was narrated by Dave Moore, the clock’s repairman.

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